Máy đo nhiệt độ từ xa K5501

Máy đo nhiệt độ từ xa K5501

Nhà sản xuất:Kyoritsu

Mã sản phẩm:K5501

Xuất xứ:China

Bảo hành:12 tháng

Giá:Liên hệ(Đã bao gồm VAT)

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    Infrared Thermometer K5501 - KYORITSU




    Measuring Range -40ºC ~ 300ºC
    Display Resolution 0.5ºC . 1ºC for below -20ºC and over 100ºC
    Measuring Accuracy When the ambient temperature is 25 ±2ºC and the emissivity (ε) is 1,
    0 ~ 300ºC: bigger value of either of ±1% of the
    measured value ±1dgt or ±2ºC ±1dgt.
    0 ~ -30ºC: |±3ºC ±1dgt
    below -30ºC: |±5ºC ±1dgt
    Repeatability within 1ºC ±1dgt
    Response 1 sec (90% response)
    Measuring Diameter (45mm/500mm(Optical sensitivity: 90%)
    Collimation Before shipment: 0.95. The value can be altered between 0.8and 1.0 with the slide switch at the lower part of the battery compartment
    (by 0.05 steps).
    Laser beam (650nm 1mW JIS class2) specifies the center.
    Water-Proof Property IP67
    Auto Power Off If no key is pressed for 30 seconds, the power is shut off automatically.
    Shock Proof Property This instrument or its function/performance will not be damaged even if it is dropped on the p tile floor from 1 meter high.
    Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50ºC
    Operating Humidity 90% rH and below (no condensation)
    Storage Temperature -20 ~ 55ºC (no condensation)
    (Note): In the case of longterm storage, the batteries should be removed.
    Battery 2 AAA alkaline cell batteries
    Battery Life Approximately 10 hours for continuous use
    Housing material ABS (antibacterial)
    Dimension 120 × 60 × 54mm (Maximum value for each direction)
    Weight Approx. 123g
    Accessories 2 AAA Alkaline Cell Batteries
    Instruction Manual
    Approved Standard CE marking: EMI EN61326 Class B, EMS EN61326 Annex C
    Stability:±5ºC under EMC test environment at 25ºC
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